This page I want to dedicate to the small charity: ‘A Chance to Grow’. It was founded by one of my family friends, Nicola Rooney, and she has been working very hard to raise funds to keep this charity and it’s work going.

The charity aims to provide funds for young people in Africa to get the education they deserve and need, as well as providing grants to community groups to help them build a sustainable future. Nicki is currently fundraising by walking the whole of the South West Coastal Path. Over 45 days she’s planning on walking all 630 miles of it (making it the longest in the country!). So far has collected £4000. She needs to raise a £5000 turnover so they can register with the charity commission.

There is more information about the Charity on their website: as well as their success stories and a blog. You can also make a donation through the website as well.

Me and my parents also joined Nicki on part of her walk on Sunday and it turned out to be a wonderful day. A post about that is on my blog’s home page if you care for a read! It’s also very inspiring to be with someone who takes fundraising so seriously and yet enjoys every second of it!

Good luck Nicki!! xx


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