Monthly Archives: October 2013

At the end…


I haven’t blogged for a while, and the main reason has been that my last month in Japan was super busy and I just didn’t have time! And then I came back and it seemed a little silly to blog about things I’d done seeing as I’m now home again.

However, I didn’t like leaving the blog unfinished so TA DAH, I’ve come back to just to tie off the loose ends of my life in Japan for anybody that actually reads this (you lucky people! 😉 )

So my final month was mainly spent trying to get organised for leaving. I took exams at Hosei (got all A’s and A+’s, get me!) and I did my final performance for my Shakespeare class, (I’m still not much of an actor, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience), got horrifically sunburnt out at a BBQ with Izumi and co (I was sat in the shade, wearing sun cream. I still don’t know how this happened. Being ginger and pale sucks guys), got completely soaked in a thunder storm in Asakusa whilst trying to watch fireworks, saw Mumford and Sons (AMAZING) and went all night clubbing at Ageha. As well as that I had to do all sorts of admin before I left such as cancelling my health insurance, handing back my student card to Hosei and cancelling my pocket Wi-Fi. Leaving really sucked, the last few weeks were just constant goodbyes to all my friends, dying of the damn humidity (38 degrees feeling 46, I stay huddled up in my room with my air con on constantly, I couldn’t cope) and just sadness at the fact that my year was over. I couldn’t believe it, I still felt like I’d only just arrived and while I was keen to get back home to see my family, dogs and friends (and to go to a pub and eat wonderful, delicious, scrummy British food again), I didn’t want to leave the people that had become my family in Japan. It was especially hard saying goodbye to my American friends as, you know, America isn’t exactly close, and I have no idea when I’ll see them again. As I was packing up my room, the walls becoming bare, the amount of stuff that was getting thrown out gradually increasing as I weighed my suitcases, I kept thinking at how I was nearly crying when I first arrived because it was too hot, my room looked horrible and it suddenly hit me how far away I was from everyone at home and that I’d be away from them for so long. When it came to the moment of leaving I didn’t want to go! (However it was slightly marred by being presented with a bill claiming I owed the dorm company about £100 for bills I’d already paid. Managed to get it sorted out again when I got back, but still…) The entire journey home was just me constantly trying not to cry (bless my friend Yuki who took me to the airport and put up with me as emotional stress ball). The moment I got on the plane and took off, I was trying not to cry, various moments on the plane was just me trying to maintain a stiff upper lip (every time the turbulence took place I wanted to go to the loo was especially frustrating) and the moment the pilot announced that we were about to land at Heathrow, and said ‘Welcome home’ I was nearly crying (you get the picture now right? I was nearly crying a lot). The weird feeling of being back, and everything around me being in English again, and being able to understand everyone and them being able to understand me was a bit like a dream. It didn’t feel real at all.

The wonderful moment I pushed my luggage cart around the corner and spotted my parents and sister waiting for me made everything feel real again and we ran at each other for a massive hug was the best welcome back (I did let go of the cart, I didn’t just plough them over. Near miss though) and lo and behold! It was raining. Perfect!

All I needed then was a nice cup of tea.