New Term at Hosei


So we’re now halfway through the new term at Hosei, and it is becoming ever more apparent that my time here is running out, and doing so very quickly. This semester I’m still in level 3 Japanese classes, and am taking Japanese Theatre, Media and Modernity in Japan, Japanese Literature, a Shakespeare class and Task Japanese. So far I’m enjoying all of my classes, though I seem to be getting more distracted then usual. Guess that’s my own fault though.

We’ve even been on a couple of trips. For my theatre class we went to the theatre, and am going again on Saturday, but I’ll do a separate post for those as they’re worthy of some attention. And today we went to a print museum for my media class, which I didn’t have high hopes for, but when we got there I actually found it really interesting. We got to see replicas of lots of old monuments that were old/ancient ways of relaying information as well as getting to see all the print blocks for making newspapers/paintings and ukiyo-e (woodblock prints, think Hokusai). I want to go back again as I didn’t get enough time to look around, and if you go on special days you get to make you’re own print for free 😉 I likes making things I do.

Also we have a new set of exchange students joined to our ranks. We didn’t get any Australians which we were hoping for, but we have plenty of lovely new people instead so not really that upset. Haha.

And now I’m having to start thinking about my dissertation and collecting resources for it. Having emailed the Japanese Department librarian about my topics and if she knew if there would be any resources available for them I now have an idea of what direction I’m going in. So now just to get collecting… 0 resources down, 60 to go…… Wish me luck.


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