Been a while….


Ook, been a a couple of months or so since my last blog post! There is a very good reason, one my laptop started showing syptoms of old age and I had assignments and exams to *ahem* study for (pleased to say, passed everything! Nasty Sheffield retake currently being held at bay) and then my laptop completely died at the end of January. Actually do a simple thing like open skype before it’d stop working. So I have been up to a bit since the winter holidays, here’s a quick summary:

Had Christmas in Tokyo with my sister, spent New Year eating nabe and Takoyaki and with all night karaoke, then went to asakusa for the first shrine visit of the year and then went over to one of teachers flats where we fed lots of lovely food, lots of our lovely friends who were only here for six months left us *weeps*, did aforementioned exams and assignments, slept a lot, Daishia, Sophie and I went to Nikko for a couple of days, slept some more, got ready for visiting friends, looked after visiting friends and had a conference at Hosei with fellow classmates from Sheffield and then collapsed in a heap in the mulch of my room which yets again needs a tidy and I’m yet again avoiding.

Also, the cherry blossoms have bloomed and then vanished, weather suddenly stopped being cold and spring seems to have arrived! England’s weather seems to have broken and is constantly snowing so I’m rather smug 8) And lots of new people have for us to make friends with! Whoot. Back to Hosei on Monday and the last four months of my time here will begin. Can’t believe how fast it’s gone!

Anyway, I shall go into a bit more detail on places I’ve visited in some other posts otherwise this one will end up being extremely long and I already ramble enough…

Oh, and I also turned 21! Yaaaaay.


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