Jenny’s adventure to London to get a visa


A couple of weeks ago, I went up to London with my dad to get my visa for next year. We’d driven up to my great aunt’s the day before, she lives in Thatcham, and caught the train in the morning so we could spend the whole day as IT WAS THE OLYMPICS! Very exciting stuff. We went and got my visa from the embassy first, which was actually very straight forward and quick as I was amazing and had got all the forms and documents I needed ready to perfection! Well, I was organised anyway, which, for me, is amazing.

After we got my visa I wanted to go visit Speedy’s Cafe, which is the one used in the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series (though it’s called ‘Mrs Hudson’s snacks and sandwiches’ or something like that) and is next to the flat that poses as 221B in the series. So we went there, had a cup of tea and a cake, took a photo of me next to the door, and went to Hyde Park.

It was baking hot in London, and I had foolishly listened to my Dad’s recommendation of clothing and was wearing jeans and boots and not a particularly thin top, so I wasn’t very comfortable. We trawled our way through the sea of people so we could reach the Serpentine and see the 10K swimming. It was very exciting and I’m glad I have a sort of ‘I was there moment’ for the London 2012 Olympics 🙂 Buuuuut, by that point I couldn’t take the heat any more and so text my mum and asked her if she could find out where the nearest Primark was. I just had to change.

So a few minutes later me and my dad emerged from Primark, with me now happily clad in cooler clothes, we headed back to Hyde Park, grabbing some KFC on the way, and purchased some Olympics merchandise. We then went to the National Gallery and I discovered that me and Dad had the exact same taste in art, so we happily ogled works by Monet, Manet, Degas, and, my absolute favourite, if a bit of a cliché, Van Gogh. It was amazing to see some of those pictures in real life as opposed to an image on the computer. After wandering through the Impressionists and Post Impressionists, we headed for the exit and criticised all the other paintings ’cause we’re artsy fartsy and all that. That and nothing beats those paintings.

Then we headed over to Baker Street to go see the Sherlock Holmes museum, which is actually at 221B Baker Street. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go into the museum, but we went into the shop and had a picture taken outside wearing a deer Stalker and a pipe with a Victorian policeman. I then bought myself a deer stalker.

So we headed back to Paddington Station and got on the train back to Thatcham, and so ended my London adventure.


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