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The creation of Mop Hiddleston


A few of you may be aware of a certain brilliant actor by the name of Tom Hiddleston. Well, thanks to the insanity of me and my mother, he now has an alter ego: MOP HIDDLESTON!

Mop Hiddleston was an idea born in Morrisons as me and my mum were trying to find her a new mop. Somehow the conversation turned to how my mum thought the mop head looked like Tom Hiddleston’s hair (still not sure how, but it at least spurred on a moment of pure hilarity for me and mum. I think everyone else in Morrisons were a little concerned/scared/on the point of calling the mental asylum, but we usually have that effect on people). (Wow, that was a long bracket). (That wasn’t). Anyway, the idea took hold, and now we have a mop with Tom Hiddleston’s face stuck on it, which will never be used as a mop. Mop Hiddleston was going to have a purpose, but I shall talk about that in my next post!

Apologies to Tom Hiddleston, but also thank you for inspiring this very insane idea.

Plus for having such a lovely face and I love you

Excuse me, what?


Getting the ball rolling


I’ve started getting ready for going to Japan, yesterday me and dad got my flights sorted. Due to some nifty avios points, dad managed to get me flying to Japan for only Β£334. And he even bumped me up to Premium Economy for a little extra comfort πŸ˜‰ Pretty good going! Hopefully I won’t be sat next to a complete weirdo for 11.35 hours. Anyway, I’m all set to leave the country on the 6th September!

Now I’ve got to sort out insurance (ergh) and get some sort of form filled in for my visa application. Also a bit confused about the new residency card and whether we have to apply for it in advance…. my year abroad co-ordinator will probably waltz into the office tomorrow to an incomprehensible email from me asking all sorts of obvious questions. Oh well, it’s better to know!

Also, been taking some steps to getting my life the way I want it, which includes cutting out people who, in retrospect, weren’t actually very nice/very good friends at all. There’s only so much petty bully-ish behaviour a person can take, and I’ve kind of had enough of that in my life already so, bye bye certain people. Just to make it clear, I may be easy going, but I’m not a pushover that lets people treat me like an idiot. I am an idiot, but don’t wish that to be made obvious πŸ˜›

AND I’ve been having a nice creative burst and been getting back into my old hobby of randomly making things. Though less random now as I’m actually doing this to try and earn a little cash. Already have a couple of orders which is good, and hopefully I’ll be able to sell some in a local shop so fingers crossed! If anyone wants a pair of socks, some cushions or a coaster set let me know!

Anyway, better go, my dad wants me to help him clean the house, cars and mow the lawn. A fun day in Devon it seems! Haha.

A gloomy day in Devon


Bit grey and miserable today, so I’ve spent most of my day fixing a friend’s sister’s jumper. However, knowing this particular friend’s sister, she probably won’t be all that grateful. But hey ho, it gives me something to do!

I won’t be watching the Tennis however gloomy and miserable it is outside. While it would be great if Murray won today, he is a grumpy git and I doubt him winning will make him any more likeable. Also, I don’t find tennis all that fun to watch. I wanted to see people trying to hit balls I’d go clubbing. But it will most likely dominate the telly box today whatever I think… as long as it doesn’t hold up The Hollow Crown again today. I want to watch Shakespeare, which in my opinion is much more British than Tennis anyway.We’ve already had Euro 2012 ruining the telly schedule, now Wimbledon and then it’ll be the Olympics. I’d better prepare and dig out some DVDs.

It’s going to be a long summer of miserable gloomy days and sport it seems. I’d better get on with the pair of socks I’m making πŸ˜‰

Let’s get hot hot hot


Well, by hot hot hot I mean; I went and had a curry earlier…. and even then I had tikka masala, so less hot hot hot than mild creamy pleh.

(though it was a damn good curry)

But onto the main point, earlier this evening I found myself sat around a table in The Ganges, which is a rather good Indian in Tavistock, with a group of people that I have, in one case literally known my whole life, and the others were people I’ve known since I was six. It was a lovely evening, me and my childhood friends and our parents all just sat around talking, drinking and eating as easily as though we were family, and I guess we almost are inΒ  a way. We’ve not been together in a group like that for years, and it’s funny how sometimes you can not see someone for ages and yet the next time you do see them, it is absolutely no effort to get on with each or find something to talk about. It’s nice after having been living with someone at uni, where you’re in a situation where you have to get on with people and maybe bite back a comment because you don’t know whether or not they know you well enough to understand what you mean or if they’ll completely misinterpret it. Luckily within and outside of my house I had some brilliant friends where there wasn’t that stress, and who I think do understand my slightly dark sense of humour and *hopefully* don’t think I’m a complete numpty. I hope…. And also, again, hopefully I’ll be meeting these guys in a few years time and slotting back into company with them as easy as anything.

You know when you’ve got good friends don’t you? (yes Becky and Lu, I’m talking about you) πŸ™‚

And to make some of this post a little hot: THINK OFΒ  A CHILLI

There we go πŸ˜‰

So anyway………..


Well I haven’t posted for quite a while, nice to see you again. Your hair’s looking nice πŸ˜‰

To bring this up date, in the past year I have lived in my first house, got two pet rats that I warned people I’d obsess over and not stop talking about, obsessed and didn’t stop talking about my pet rats, I got a fringe (yeah!), my sister came over from Japan to visit us for Christmas, I applied to go to Hosei University in Tokyo for my year abroad, I had to pee in a pot for a medical which I found horrifying (walking through town with a pot of wee in your bag is not recommended), I did an amazing module in Evolution of the Japanese Language, I started dip dying my hair, got accepted by Hosei University, watched THE AVENGERS which is an awesome film, somehow I seem to have passed all my exams and now I’m beginning the process of getting ready for my year abroad….. CAUSE I’M GOING TO JAPAN BABY!

Oh, and my uncle and one of my best friends got engaged this year (not to each other may I hasten to add), warmest congratulations to them both πŸ™‚

Over and out!